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All the way from Baltimore

It’s been a long time in posting.

During August, the Harding grandchildren and their parents, Loretta (Ishida) and Jamie came across the North American continent and the Pacific Ocean for a visit with us and other Ishida family. Loretta keeps the children, Cary Hajime (10) and Sonya Izumi (8), as close to their Japanese culture as possible, and Jamie, and I as well, to their American and European roots. This was Japan and did they all ever enjoy it. (Their last visit here was five years ago.) Big city Tokyo,  that icluded staying with Uncle Cary, Aunt Miki, and Zoe, outings with Zoe and cousin Aika and a Giants baseball game and a street festival. Nearby, making their own designs of Japanese paper (washi) and soba (buckwheat noodles) and bathing at an onsen (Japanese hot spring). Visits to other historic places, old town Takayama and off to Hiroshima and the the famous island of Miyajima. But school and work called for the family and back to Baltimore.

And okiipapa (grandpa) and grannyhaha back to researching and writing, he, theology and I, ancestry! 


Why “Grannyhaha”? I have five married children and am old-fashioned enough to discourage any of their spouses from calling me by my given name. A couple do use the same appellation as their partners do, others the Japanese term, “okaasan”. Other term in Japanese is “haha ue”, that would only be used very fromally with one’s own mother. When our only daughter married, I jokingly told her husband he could call me that as so he does. Somehow when their chldren came along, I became “Granny” “Haha”, Grannyhaha to them – a kind of hybrid term for grandmother. But never, never for my children and their spouses to call me that directly, except when the children are involved.

No laughing matter.

Before and Now

Being interested in history and genealogy and what goes on now, I have created this place as a “catch all” for my thoughts, interests and news.


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